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AAAA Position Statements

AAAA and its members are dedicated to patient safety and improved access of care.  As a result, AAAA has set clear guidelines for ethical standards, actively advocates for the Anesthesia Care Team model, and consistently supports transparency for health care providers. Below are AAAA's positions on various issues:

The Anesthesia Care Team Model

AAAA subscribes in practice, philosophy and training to the Anesthesia Care Team model.  This model is grounded in a team approach to anesthesia management, with an anesthesiologist concurrently supervising anesthetists during the performance of all technical aspects of anesthetic.  Click here to learn more.


Guidelines for Ethical Standards of AAs

AAAA membership is a privilege for those AAs who are dedicated to the basic ethical principles of health care. Click here to view AAAA's issued guidelines for ethical standards.

CAA Involvement in Regional Anesthesia & Invasive Line Procedures

AAAA supports the prerogative of an anesthesiologist supervising the care of a given patient to delegate the technical aspects of regional anesthesia and invasive monitoring procedures to an AA.  Click here to learn more.


Provider Truth & Transparency

A recent proliferation of entry-level clinical doctorate degrees into the educational models of non-physician providers has caused a commensurate increase in the use of the title "doctor" in the healthcare system.  Inappropriately, the title "resident" and "doctor" has been used in the clinical setting by students and graduates of these programs despite their non-physician status.  This trend is a recognized source of potential confusion for patients concerning their medical care and has potential negative implications with respect to scope of practice infringement and conflict of interest, decreased professional diversity, increased health care costs, and aggravation of provider shortages.  In an effort to promote truth and transparency, AAAA has taken the following positions.  Click on each statement to learn more.

1. AAAA does NOT endorse an entry-level doctoral degree for AAs.

2. AAAA has compiled a detailed explanation of medical terminology for anesthesia providers.

3. AAAA supports House Resolution 451, Healthcare Truth & Transparency Legislation.


Propofol & Non-Anesthesia Personnel

AAAA supports the position that anesthetic agents, such as propofol should be administered only by trained anesthesia personnel, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.  Click here to learn more. 

Drug Standardization Support

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