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Anesthesia Care Team


CAAs practice exclusively within the Anesthesia Care Team (ACT) model. This team-based approach emphasizes a system of treatment built around a patient's care. In this model, Physician Anesthesiologist lead the planning and implementation of anesthesia care to maximize patient safety and quality of care. 

Benefits of the ACT Model


Physician-Led Care

The ACT model ensures each patient is treated directly by a Physician Anesthesiologist. Access to these expert providers is essential to emphasize patient safety during anesthesia care.

Patient-Centric Team

The ACT is designed to surround each patient with team of anesthesia professionals, rather than a sole provider. The approach provides patients with the most thorough care possible.

CAAs Role in the ACT

CAAs serve as physician extenders within the Anesthesia Care Team model. That means CAAs work directly with expert physician anesthesiologists to create and implement anesthesia care plans for patients. 

Want to learn more? Download our ACT Infographic.

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