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AAAA Fall Fundraiser

Support the future of the CAA profession



Give today.
Impact tomorrow.

The Fall Fundraiser helps CAAs expand their safe, patient-centric care to more states. And, to make your dollars go further, AAAA will be matching all donations up to $50,000!

Your donation fuels efforts to


  • Unlock new states for practice

  • Create opportunities

  • Protect the CAA profession

Matthew Shannon.jpg

I support the AAAA Legislative Fund because I want to protect the Anesthesia Care Team, the patients we serve, and the future of our profession! As a recent graduate, I understand the importance of advocacy, both for short and long-term growth, and the potential for geographic expansion. I view my financial contribution as an effective way to not only thank those trailblazers who came before me, but also as a resource to those who work so hard to advance our profession!

Matthew Shannon, CAA

The Impact of Your Donations

We believe CAAs should be able to practice in all 50 states. And it's our mission to make that a reality. 

Every dollar donated to the AAAA legislative fund supports that goal


Your donation will fuel plans in 10 states over the next two years. 


But that's not all.


Every new state unlocked creates opportunity.

  • For hospitals to address critical staffing shortages.

  • For patients to have access to the safest anesthesia treatment.

  • For CAAs around the country to come home and practice in their home state.

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