AAAA Member Services and Benefits


AAAA members gain access to the following exciting benefits:

  • Relevant and timely professional and practice information via quarterly newsletter
  • Breaking news and reminders via AAAA’s new digital media via e-Record emails, Facebook and Twitter
  • Online CDQ Exam review  (updated weekly)
  • Advocacy and Legislative Efforts across the 50 states
  • Financial advisor *
  • Discounted Medical Liability Insurance*
  • State Component Support
  • Reimbursement and Pay support
  • Online Career Center/Job Bank
  •  AA Day - Free AAAA promotional items available
  • Expanded career opportunities and practice location choices through AAAA’s efforts to license AAs in more states
  • Employment assistance related to legislative issues
  • Credentialing assistance related to practice locations
  • Searchable online membership directory
  • AAAA website with updates to membership
  • Member services response during business hours
  • Publication of informational brochures sent to potential employers
  • Research and development of proactive efforts on legislative and organizational approaches to professional development
  • Expansion of informed awareness of the profession among anesthesiologists and allied health professional with booths at professional meetings, printed material, follow-up contracts and participation in allied organizations
  • Discounted Membership Rates

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