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AAAA 2022 Posters

  1. Considerations for Perioperative Allergic Reactions in Clinical Anesthesia

  2. Utility of Clevidipine in the Management of Pediatric Paragangliomas

  3. Similarities and Differences to General Anesthesia

  4. Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting after Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery under General Anesthesia

  5. RE-TOOLING THE WORKSHOP - Improving Evidence-Based Study Skills Curricula for Incoming Anesthesiologist Assistant Students

  6. How Effective is Opioid Sparing Pain Management in Post-Op

  7. Proactive Intubation Time in COVID-19 Patients Resulting in Increased Longevity 

  8. Intraoperative Management and Considerations for Myasthenia Gravis

  9. Bronchospasm in a Patient With Asthma

  10. Dexmedetomidine as an Analgesia Alternative

  11. Anesthesia Awareness

  12. Obesity, GERD and Energy-Dense Diets

  13. Case Study on Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis

  14. Management of Post Extubation Bronchospasm


  16. A Review of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocols

  17. Anesthetic Considerations for Awake Craniotomy

  18. Anesthetic Considerations for Patients Undergoing Surgery in Beach Chair Position

  19. Operating Room Noise Levels in the Florida Hospital

  20. Anesthesia for the Endocrine System

  21. Music and Anxiety in the Preoperative Setting

  22. Ketamine Use in Treating Treatment-Resistant Depression

  23. Comparison of Ketorolac 15 mg vs 30 mg Dosing for Pain Management of Surgical Intervention

  24. Cardiovascular Stability with Dexmedetomidine

  25. Anesthesiologist Assistant Care of the Brain Dead Donor A Clinical Review for Organ Procurement

  26. Subanesthetic Intravenous Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression

  27. Anesthetic Management of a Pediatric Patient Receiving Intra-arterial Chemotherapy for Reti

  28. Pediatric Neuroanesthesia

  29. Utilization of Point-of-Care TEG During Massive Bleeds in Trauma Patients

  30. Diabetes is Complicated: Your Anesthesia plan is not

  31. Perioperative Management of the Diabetic Patient

  32. Sugammadex: A Revolutionary Drug for Clinical Anesthesia

  33. Emergence Delerium in Pediatric Anesthesia

  34. Post-operative vision loss

  35. Anesthesia Professionalism

  36. A Literature Review of Air Pollution and Anesthesia Outcomes

  37. Anesthesia Considerations for Patients With Paralysis

  38. Gabapentinoid Use for Perioperative Acute Pain Management

  39. Management of an Intraoperative Inferior Myocardial Infarction

  40. Hemorrhagic Shock

  41. Brugada Syndrome: A Sudden Cardiac Death Nightmare

  42. The Effects of General Anesthesia on Childhood Brain Development

  43. Optimal Fluid Resuscitation in Pediatric Sepsis

  44. Anesthetic Considerations for Thyroid Dysfunction

  45. Anesthetic Management of Von Willebrand Disease Type III

  46. Clinician Nonverbal Behavior on Patient Perception and Medication Compliance

  47. Anesthesia for patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome

  48. Nonroutine Event Reporting in the Healthcare Setting

  49. Accidental femoral venous puncture during arterial cannulation in a patient with NICM and severe TR

  50. Perioperative Antitussive Considerations

  51. Education, support, and outreach for unserved communities

  52. Labor Pain Relief for the Parturient

  53. Transfusion of Blood Products: Considerations for Anesthesia Providers

  54. Post-Operative Pain Management for Opioid Dependent Patients Following Orthopedic Surgery

  55. Non-obstetric Anesthesia

  56. Preventative Methods in Reducing Pediatric Laryngospasm: Lidocaine versus Propofol

  57. Hemodynamic Stability and Rapid Emergence of Xenon Compared to Sevoflurane in CABG

  58. Pediatric Patient with Autism Spectrum Disorder Presents to MRI 

  59. Adverse Outcomes in NORA

  60. Perioperative Management of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices

  61. Gender differences effects on hospital length of stay and postoperative complications

  62. Anesthesia's Gravitation Towards Soft Pharmacology

  63. The Use of Panax Ginseng as An Anesthesia Adjuncts for Cardiovascular Care

  64. Difficult intubation in Neonates

  65. Effectiveness of Patient Education and Counseling in Improving Patient Compliance

  66. Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting

  67. Vertical transmission of Covid-19 Antibodies and Neonate Immunity

  68. Ketamine: Anti-Depressant Effects

  69. Delayed Emergence After Anesthesia and Its Effects

  70. Anesthesia for the obese patient

  71. Treatment of Preoperative Hypoglycemia

  72. Artificial Myelination

  73. ADHD Medication and its Effects on Hemodynamics and Behavior Perioperatively

  74. Anesthetic Management of the Post-Cardiac Transplant Patient for Non-Cardiac Surgery

  75. Identifying Whether Invasive Surgeries or Minimally Invasive Surgeries Lead to the Over-prescribing of Opioid Drugs Post Operatively

  76. Best Regional Analgesia in Labor

  77. The Selection of Surgical Antibiotics In Patients with a Reported Penicillin Allergy

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